Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Jobs for 14 Year Olds
What jobs are there for 14 year olds?
Many 14 year olds want to earn some of their own spending money by working in part-time or summer jobs. Others are interested in gaining some experience that will help them in their future working lives, as they select specialist exam subjects at school and start thinking about their future.
However, finding a job at the age of 14 years is difficult. There are heavy rulings about the hours that the under-16s are allowed to work, as well as the kind of jobs they are able to work in. Yet limitations on the number of jobs do not mean that they are impossible to find. On the contrary, with some dedication and a little imagination, most 14 year olds can find some form of paid work that will fit around their life at school.
What jobs are for 14 year olds?
The more trustworthy and responsible a young person is, the more jobs are going to be open to them.
Retail / hospitality jobs that hire 14 year olds
Grocery stores and supermarkets are amongst the biggest employers of 14 year olds in Saturday and summer jobs, working as cashiers, shelf stockers and trolley/kart attendants.
Fast food restaurants, cafes and bistros employ young people as a matter of routine.
Retail delivery by bike or on foot is sometimes required by local stores, such as pharmacies, with local customers, particularly mothers with children and older people.
Hotels and resorts are big providers of seasonal and part-time employment, for young people working as waiting staff, kitchen porters, dishwashers, etc.
Public venues
Tourist facilities and venues are also good sources of seasonal employment, particularly amusement, theme and entertainment parks.
Cinemas employ young people.
Local leisure facilities may need staff, including museums, zoos, aquariums, parks and recreational areas.
Sports facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses and campground facilities frequently have openings.
Other organisations
Residential care homes for the elderly often have unskilled jobs for young, energetic and caring people.
Moving and packing companies may need assistants who are unafraid of physical work.
Self-employed part time jobs for 14 year olds
Babysitting is a good part-time option, which can be fitted in around school hours. Neighbours and relatives are good people to start with.
Paper rounds / routes are still popular options for those who do not mind the early start.
Dog walking is great if you love dogs. Dog owners who work full-time and who are going away on trips are often grateful for a trusted helper.
Car or window washing is a service that will always be required. You can start with neighbours.
House sitting during the holidays is a way to make some money while enjoying some independence.
Mowing lawns for neighbours is another source of cash.
Online jobs for 14 year olds
Much is being written about the fact that some teenagers are making money online. This does not mean setting up businesses and becoming millionaires, but of undertaking apparently easy tasks, such as completing on-screen surveys, and being paid for doing so. The basis for this is that many companies will pay an agency to obtain completed surveys that tell them more about teenagers, a fast-changing marketplace.
Sometimes this ‘work’ can involve reading advertising emails, shopping online, trying brand name products and playing games, as well as completing survey forms with largely yes / no tick box answers. The attraction of this as work is evident: there is no interview to get through, no travel and very little actual work to do.
There is a need for caution, however. Many websites ask for money up-front in order to obtain access to these surveys. Others will collect more data about its teenage contacts than the person taking part ever intended to give – and not just emails. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always check privacy policies and do not download anything from unfamiliar sites.
Teen internships and placements jobs
Some internships or placements are available to 14 year olds, often via the careers office or counsellor at school. Occasionally these may be paid opportunities, although usually the employer is offering the opportunity to gain professional experience in the workplace rather than a salary.
Locating suitable jobs for 14 year olds
The first step in finding work is to identify all the possible employers in your local area. Either phone up to ask if they employ people of your age, or call in. Always be on your best behaviour when contacting potential employers and dress smartly if visiting in person.
If you are going to provide your own services, such as babysitting or car washing, prepare a small leaflet with your details on it. Hand it around your neighbours, giving them more than one copy so they can pass one on to a friend as well.
Talk to your school's careers office about summer job openings and also internships or placements.
Explore online jobs websites for openings in your locality.
Many chat rooms and message boards for young students carry tips about where work is available locally. Take a look and see if any is of use to you. Look up ‘teen help’ or ‘teenage jobs’ and see what comes up. Be patient – this search may take a while, but it will be worth it.
Make use of any careers office or service that is offered for teenagers. These people will usually know which local employers are worth approaching.
Employment law
The employment law for 14 year olds is quite strict, as it is viewed as important that nobody’s education is negatively affected by work at this age.
In the UK
Safety is important, with this age group. Under the Children and Young Persons Act (1933), you are not allowed to work in any capacity where you could endanger yourself or others. This means that certain types of hard physical work are out of the question, including construction work, car garages or repair sites, chemical processing plants, industrial warehouses with heavy duty equipment and, of course, adult clubs and bars, or betting shops.
Additionally, under-16s need to have an employment permit issued by the education department of the local council. Nobody can work during school hours, before 7am or after 7pm. Only one hour’s work after school is allowed.
During school holidays, 14 year olds may work a maximum of 25 hours per week, with a maximum of 5 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and 2 hours on Sundays. 15 year olds may work a maximum of 35 hours per week, with a maximum of 8 hours on weekdays and Saturdays, and 2 hours on a Sunday.
Each year, 14 and 15 year olds must take at least two weeks off work during the school holidays. For more information, contact the education department at your local council.
There is no minimum wage for this age group.
In the US
Federal law states that a special minimum wage applies to employees under the age of 20 years during their first 90 consecutive calendar days of employment with an employer. After this, the full federal minimum wage should be paid.
Employment law for young people differs in each state. Make sure you know what is permissible in your state by check with the Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Division (WHD).
Federal law states that 14 and 15 year olds may only work outside school hours, after 7am and before 7pm. The exception is from June 1 through Labor Day, when hours can be worked until 9pm. You can work no more than 3 hours on a school day, a total of 18 hours in a school week. On a non-school day, you can work 8 hours, or 40 hours in a week. See
The Department of Labor specifies which non-hazardous jobs people of your age can work in. For more details, see
Finding a job when you are this age seems to be surrounded by rules and regulations. However, this can only work in your favour, as it prevents unscrupulous employers from placing you in dangerous situations. Do not feel bound to accept any job you are offered, particularly if it is a very low wage. If in doubt, always ask a careers advisor first.
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